Entering Thailand during COVID-19

Entering Thailand during COVID-19

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Certificate of Entry (COE) Registration Guideline for Non-Thai Nationals


Non-Thai nationals who wish to enter Thailand can apply for a Certificate of Entry (COE) by completing registration online via https://coethailand.mfa.go.th This registration is the application of Certificate of Entry (COE) only. The system is not related to visa application. If applicants have yet to receive a valid Thai visa, must contact the Royal Thai Embassy for visa application at least 15 working days before the expected date of travel. 

Before registration, applicants should prepare files of required documents in .pdf or .jpeg version to upload to the system.

The registration will be divided into 2 parts as follows:

(1) Pre-approval:

- Applicants fill in personal information and upload required documents into the system to prove eligibility to enter Thailand.

Thai visa

o If applicants have a valid Thai visa or re-entry permit, applicants are recommended to upload it into the system.

o If applicants have yet to receive a valid Thai visa, please contact Royal Thai Embassy for visa application. However, applicants can also apply for the COE prior to obtaining a visa, but you may be requested to upload a valid Thai visa before COE issuance.

Medical insurance (including medical costs in the event that applicant contracts COVID-19, which must cover the total duration of stay in Thailand)

o If applicants have a medical insurance, applicants should upload it into the system.

o If applicants do not have a medical insurance yet, applicants can upload it later, together with the plane ticket and the Alternative  Quarantine (AQ) booking confirmation.

o To facilitate foreigners travelling to Thailand, Thai General Insurance Association (TGIA) and Thai Life Assurance Association (TLAA) are cooperating with Thailand’s 16 leading life and non-life insurance companies under the regulation of the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) to offer COVID-19 Insurance Protection Program which its terms and conditions are covering requirement of Thai government. For more inquiries, please visit http://covid19.tgia.org   

- After the submission of their applications, the applicants will be given a 6-digit reference code. The code will be used to track registration status and to download the COE.

- Royal Thai Embassy will pre-approve application within 3 working days.

- The applicants are able to edit personal information at “Edit information” and track registration status at “Check the result”.

(2) Issuance of COE:

- After application has been pre-approved, the applicants should buy air ticket and book AQ.

For more AQ information, please visit www.hsscovid.com.

- Go to “Confirm trip” menu and provide flight detail, plane ticket, AQ booking confirmation on arrival date, and medical insurance (if the applicants have not provided it in pre-approved stage) and upload the above-mentioned documents into the system within 15 days after application has been pre-approved.

- If applicants do not submit the required documents within 15 days, the system will automatically cancel the application, which applicants have to start the application process over again.

- Royal Thai Embassy will issue a COE within 3 working days after the applicants have submitted travel information.

- The applicants can check registration status at “Check the result” menu. If COE is granted, applicants can download the COE directly from the registration website.

After COE issuance, please ensure that you have the following documents to present at the check-in counter and to the Department of Disease Control’s Representatives upon arrival into Thailand.

(1) Passport

(2) Certificate of Entry (COE)

(3) Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected, using RT-PCR test, issued within 72 hours before departure (in case of connecting flights, before embarkation from initial port).

(4) (For the Department of Disease Control upon arrival into Thailand only) Medical insurance or letter from employer guaranteeing that the insurance company or employer will cover a minimum of 100,000 USD of medical costs incurred by the applicant in Thailand, including medical costs in the event that applicant contracts COVID-19 (The insurance must cover the total duration of stay in Thailand)

(5) T.8 Form (Thailand’s Health Declaration Form). You can download T.8 Form at https://bit.ly/34X6sAJ


  • Documents (3) (4) must be in English or Thai only. Certified translations into English or Thai are accepted in the case that the original copy is in a foreign language.
  • Document (4) needs to be quoted in us Dollars. Other currencies will not be accepted by the Department of Disease Control.